Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Cars" Themed Birthday Party

On March 9, 2013 we hosted a birthday party for our grandson, Ben and the theme was "CARS" which he loves. I made vanilla and chocolate cookies with "2"s and "B"s for 2 year old Ben and Lightning McQueen, Mater and racing black and white check. I added some Mario Invincibility Stars just because they were SOOOO easy to do!
There was a cupcake tower - confetti cupcakes with "Cars" cupcake liners and a 9x13 cake with a "2" roadway with toy CARS characters. Very simple but it turned out pretty cute. After blowing out the candle, Ben wanted to drive Lightning McQueen on the "road", needless to say, they both needed cleaning up.

 Marble cake with chocolate buttercream filling, vanilla cream cheese frosting and vanilla buttercream. The "2 road" was chocolate as well. 
Candy Bar with 5 containers of candy and Lychee flavored poprocks.
We had about 15 guests and served baked taco dip with tortilla chips, popcorn, white cheddar popcorn, 4 kinds of chicken wings, Jamaican cocktail beef patties, baked char siu bao and of course, the cookies, cake and cupcakes.
It was a great day and the birthday boy had lots of fun and was thoroughly spoiled.
I hope my post has provided some inspiration for your own party.

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